How will the government's new Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) rates affect LPG drivers?

The good news is that some LPG drivers will be entitled to a discount on VED. Your vehicle must have been registered ON or AFTER 1st March 2001, or you are NOT eligible for any discount.

The amount of VED paid is determined by your vehicle's BAND. A vehicle's band is calculated according to its carbon emissions. If you do not know which band your vehicle comes under, visit the VCA Car Fuel Data website VED calculator:

One important point to remember is that you MUST enter 'PETROL' under FUEL TYPE to get your banding.

Once you've submitted your details, a screen will come up detailing your band, engine capacity, transmission, fuel type, carbon emissions, Euro standard, as well as the VED cost for your vehicle.

Once you know your vehicle's band, you can calculate how much discount you're entitled to. To claim this you must be able to produce an LPGA Approved Installer 'LPG Conversion Certificate'. Discounts are as follows:

Vehicles registered on or after 1st March 2001:

Bands B to E = 20 per year

Band F = 15 per year

Band G = 15 per year (note that vehicles with a G banding are only eligible for discount if registered ON or AFTER 23rd March 2006).