LPG / AUTOGAS 2012 published December 2011 - This map will save you time and money!:

The 2012 72-page edition of this map is the 10th edition of the best-selling map of GB autogas refuelling stations, and is the result of 100s of hours of research.

We work tirelessly to keep this map accurate so you can be sure of finding LPG stations that are open and not shut down (we also list temporary closures online). This involves us ringing stations 2 times per month and giving bottles of champagne to members that discover new or closed stations. We do not 'lease' our list to other companies and have taken legal action to protect our research. Yes, free LPG web maps exist but most have stations that have been closed for 5 years or more and miss many of the 100 or so that open every year.

Be warned if you have a 2011 edition you have a one in six chance of going to a station that is no longer in service or missing a new one! Over 100 stations have closed down in the last 12 months and over 70 new stations have opened.

We at Four by Four Publishing are LPG drivers and couldn't bear the thought of having to drive on petrol so decided an accurate map to route plan in and out of the car was essential for LPG Drivers in the UK.

When you buy this map for 7.95 (plus 0.50 postage) you get a physical map sent to you by post.

Your purchase includes the following:

* One Free Sat Nav download for your Tomtom, Garmin, Navman *

* One year's access to go-autogas.com:
This website will allow one year's free access to fuel prices, new openings and closures and a host of useful searches by postcode, place name or road. Just redesigned to make access to information easier and with all new maps and searches - use it and you will never miss an LPG station opening or closure - something that happens two or three times a week at the moment.

Please Note: Your code for access will be sent to you when you buy the map from this site or will be found on your map if you buy it elsewhere.

* Discounts on 2013 edition:
Last year's purchaser get a 2 discount if they buy online.

The New 2012 edition is:

* Easy to Use:
Dots mark each station or installer with a number which is referenced to details on the reverse. Turn the map over and you'll find full county-by-county listings of all autogas refuelling stations including their contact details, distances from nearest motorway junction (where appropriate), opening times and an abbreviated motorway autogas finder.

The New 2012 edition has:

* Large scale reliefs of major UK cities:
The map also incorporates detailed maps of eight of the UK's largest cities and surrounding areas including: London, Bristol, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow, Newcastle.

* Map facts:

This unique A5 GB full colour map has precise markings for over 1200 autogas/LPG refuelling stations and 200+ approved autogas converters. It is the most accurate source of data available today.

Further information:

The map includes:
  • UK counties listed alphabetically
  • Every station and approved service centre referenced to number on map
The map contains details about each station including:
  • Distance from motorway junction (where applicable)
  • Opening times
  • Credit cards
  • Telephone numbers
  • Exact address

* Important: our Sat Nav files are compatible with TOMTOM, GARMIN and NAVMAN units. Please check that your sat nav device (even if one of these) can accept third-party POIs before purchasing. Some simpler devices (such as the Navman S30 3d) do NOT accept uploads from third parties and you will not be able to upload our data to them. We cannot accept responsibility or offer refunds if you purchase a download or subscription that is not compatible with your sat nav device.

Please note that all purchasers on the website or purchasers that register will be allowed to purchase new editions of the map at a special low price!!

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